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Created in February 2019, the R2IBF Participacoes S/A Holding (R2IBF) currently has four own plants strategically located in the cities of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul State), Sao Jose do Rio Preto (Sao Paulo State), Duque de Caxias (Rio de Janeiro State) and Curitiba (Parana State).


Together, the four production plants under the responsibility of R2IBF, result in an excellent production capacity, about 50 Ci per battery of 18F-FDG production, radiopharmaceutical compound used in Positron Emission Tomography associated with Computed Tomography (PE-CT).


R2IBF's productive infrastructure provides its customers and partners with security and certainty in daily distribution of the product, through the establishment of safer and more efficient transport routes. It also allows the operation with an efficient backup system between the plants, ensuring the supply during preventive and corrective maintenance.


Considering the needs of the Brazilian regional markets, R2IBF supplies not only the 18F-FDG, but also, new, and innovative radiopharmaceuticals. For this, R2IBF acquired a plot of land in Mogi das Cruzes, in the Metropolitan region of Sao Paulo City, for implementation of a new plant that is expected to start operating in January 2024.


R2IBF understands that winning the admiration and trust of its customers and partners is fundamental to the company's longevity. Thus, it works with a focus on ethics, commitment to the development of people and the environment in which it operates, and the production of high-quality radiopharmaceuticals for its customers, aiming at the growth of Nuclear Medicine in Brazil.



We work to providing exceptional outcomes to our customers and their patients.


To develop, manufacture and supply high quality radiopharmaceutical products to our customers. Always support the growth of nuclear medicine in Brazil, offering new products with excellence.


We respect our partners and our customers.

We understand its importance in the present and future of our company.

We have responsibility with our collaborators, our community, our country; therefore, we work with a focus on ethics and commitment to the development of the people and the environment in which we are inserted.


New Radiopharmaceuticals

R2IBF works, in partnership with research and development institutions and international companies, to bring new radiopharmaceuticals for PET-CT diagnostic procedures, to Brazilian market.



Excellent production capacity: about 50Ci of 18F-FDG per production battery.



Fluesocil ®  (Fluodesoxiglicose -18 F )

r2ibf - flutep_edited.jpg


Flutep ®  (Fluodesoxiglicose -18 F )

PSMA 1007 (18F) (Exceptional letter for marketing authorization-ANVISA Nº 141/2020/SEI/DIRE5/ANVISA)

Cyclofluor - 3_edited.jpg


Cyclofluor ®  - Fluodesoxiglicose (18 F )



Flusocil ® - Fluodesoxiglicose  (18 F )








  1. Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul State): partnership with InsCer PUC-RS Institute.

  2. Sao Jose do Rio Preto (State of Sao Paulo): GE cyclotron (16,5MeV), and FASTLAB (GE) and TRASIS+HPLC (AIO) synthesis modules.

  3. Rio de Janeiro-Xerem Plant (State of Rio de Janeiro): GE cyclotron (16,5 MeV), and SYNTHERA (IBA) and FASTLAB (GE) synthesis modules.

  4. Curitiba (Parana State): GE cyclotron (16,5 MeV), and FASTLAB synthesis modules.


Two new plants will be ready to produce radiopharmaceuticals soon:

a) Vitoria de Santo Antao/PE (scheduled for mid-2023).

b) Mogi das Cruzes/SP (scheduled for mid-2024).

Rua Provenzano 171
Porto Alegre RS 
Bairro Anchieta 
CEP 90200-200 
 Tel: +55 51 3016 7200
Porto Alegre Plant
(Rio Grande do Sul)
Porto Alegre - RS
Av. José Abbas Casseb 376
Distrito Industrial Dr. Ulysses Guimarães
São José do Rio Preto SP
CEP 15092-606
 Tel: +55 17 3500-4300
Sao Jose do Rio Preto
Plant (Sao Paulo)
São José do Rio Preto - SP

Rua Capitão Guynemer, SN, QD 18, Lote 01A, Mantiquira, Duque de Caxias-RJ   CEP: 25250-615

Tel: +55 21 2679 6642

Rio de Janeiro Plant (Caxias-RJ)
Duque de Caxias - RJ
Curitiba Plant (Parana)
Rua Cezinando Dias Paredes 367
Curitiba PR
CEP 81730-090
 Tel: +55 41 3153 3106
Curitiba - PR



Pioneer in the Brazilian private sector, R2IBF has a dedicated Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) Sector, with qualified professionals. Focusing on new radiopharmaceuticals, this sector operates in the Open Innovation model, in partnership with national and international universities and research centers, with the purpose of providing the Brazilian market with more specific and efficient diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals options for different types of pathologies.

Among the radiopharmaceuticals under development, which will be made available in the coming years, are:

- Sodium fluoride (NaF) (18 F) (FluoNaF®): radiopharmaceutical already established worldwide, Sodium fluoride (18 F) is used to identify tumors and bone metastases. This radiopharmaceutical already has marketing authorization process in progress at Anvisa.

- AlF-NOTA-Octreotide (18 F): developed with international partnership, this radiopharmaceutical is a radiotracer formed by a peptide like the natural hormone somatostatin, allowing the identification of endocrine receptors. The expression of endocrine somatostatin receptors in tumors and metastases is a determining factor for the identification of neuroendocrine-type cancer. In addition, AlF-NOTA-Octreotide (18 F) can still be used as an alternative to radiopharmaceuticals for endocrine receptors radiolabeled with gallium-68, mainly for clinics that have limited or no access to gallium generators. This radiopharmaceutical already has a simplified notification process for marketing authorization in progress at Anvisa.

- PR04.MZ (18 F): also developed with international partnership, this radiopharmaceutical is specific for the visualization of carrier proteins of dopamine neurotransmitter. The decrease of this protein in the brain of patients is associated with movement disorders, ADHD, and, mainly, with Parkinson's disease. This radiopharmaceutical may be used to differentiate Parkinson’s disease from other types of tremors.

- Florbetabeno (18 F): developed in partnership with the company Life Molecular Imaging and with InsCer PUC/RS Institute, this radiopharmaceutical is a tracer developed to visualize the accumulation of β-amyloid protein in the brain of adult patients. This accumulation is related to the cognitive impairment present mainly in Alzheimer's disease (AD), among other types of dementia.

- Fluorestradiol (FES) (18 F): developed by the company itself, this radiopharmaceutical is formed by a molecule like the natural hormone estradiol, allowing the identification of estrogen receptors. The expression of this type of receptor by breast tumors and their metastases is the determining factor for the identification of hormone-dependent breast cancers, thus helping to define the type of therapy that can be used for the patient.


We thank FINEP/MCTI, which continues to support many of our R&D&I projects on new and innovative radiopharmaceuticals for Nuclear Medicine in Brazil.



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